Injuries due to Unnatural or Dangerous Substances in Food

When you eat food or drink a beverage, you never expect that a harmful substance could be hidden inside. Sometimes unnatural or harmful substances end up in the food and drink you consume due to negligence during preparation or because of a mistake in manufacturing.  Although your first priority should always be to receive the medical attention you need, when you are injured by a dangerous substance in food, you should recognize that liability laws vary from state to state.  

With this in mind:

•    Keep the defective product in a safe place for future review or inspection.  
•    Take proper precautions to preserve perishable items.
•    Keep or take photographs of the substance found in the food or drink as well as its packaging, labels, and directions
•    Make sure to keep all bills and records provided to you by your doctor and get excuses for any days missed from work.

Product liability claims involve complex theories of liability.  The insurance of the company or individual who manufactured the defective product may want to deny or settle your claim for as little as possible.  Be aware that insurance companies have experienced adjusters trained to protect their financial interests and ask questions to build a legal defense against your claim.  

Until you have contacted an attorney:

•    Do not sign a release of your claims.
•    Do not make any written or recorded statements or sign anything that could be against your interest.  
•    Do not discuss settlement until you are fully recovered from your injuries and have been discharged by your physician.

Contact an attorney immediately to help you understand your legal rights and time limits associated. Every case is different, and only an attorney can best explain your rights and provide an unbiased legal opinion.