Child Support

Have you been asked to pay child support for a child that may not be yours?

Are you in need of child support but cannot locate the other parent?

Are you behind in making child support payments and facing legal troubles?

Are you not getting child support and need help collecting it?

Is the child support you pay set too high based on your income?

Is the child support you receive set too low based on the other parent’s income?

If these are questions you are asking, listen closely…..

Non-payment of child support is a serious matter in the State of Texas that may lead to incarceration. Many parents refuse to pay child support because the other parent refuses to allow visitation with the child. In the State of Texas, child visitation is of equal importance as child support, but cannot be used as a reason to withhold child support payments. On the other hand, a parent should not be required to pay child support for a child that is not his biological or adopted child. This happens most often when a person is unaware of the rights he has to request a paternity test and is found to be the father based on a Court Order. If paternity and child support has been established but later you lose your job, face a financial crisis or parents another child, you may be able to have your child support lowered. Alternatively, if a parent has found work, received a pay raise or job promotion, you may be entitled to receive more child support.

In order to find out more, you should speak with an attorney as soon as possible.