Accidents and Injuries Resulting From the Use of Defective Products & Medications

Household products accidents can result in serious injuries, property damage, and sometimes even death. Defective products come in all shapes and sizes, including but not limited to motor vehicles, auto equipment, tools, child car seats, cribs, exercise equipment, furniture, toys, baby products, appliances, chemicals, food, medical devices, and medication. A product may be dangerous or defective because of a dangerous design; inadequate labeling, instructions on safe use, or warnings; or a manufacturing flaw. Because more than one company can be involved in the development of a product, the designer, manufacturer, distributor, marketer, and seller may all be responsible.

In the event that you sustained an injury from the use of or exposure to a product, please seek medical attention immediately to ensure your personal health and safety. Like most people, you want to ensure that any injury or health condition is immediately addressed by a trained physician. If you sustained an injury or are experiencing pain or unusual symptoms, then you may be risking your personal health and safety by not seeking medical attention. Waiting for your pain or symptoms to resolve on their own may adversely affect your health and may give an advantage to those responsible in claiming that your injuries are not related to the use of or exposure to the product.

In addition to seeking medical attention, it is important to document and keep any physical evidence concerning the product. Altering, destroying, or losing possession of the product may eliminate your right to be compensated for your injuries and property damage. You will need this evidence later to ensure that those responsible fairly compensate you. Along with the product itself, you may need to obtain photographs of your injuries, copies of your medical records and medical bills, and witness statements. In the event that you are forced to file a lawsuit to protect your rights and obtain just compensation, you will need this and other evidence to prove your case.

If you, a family member, or friend have been injured or have sustained damages because of a product, then it is critical to ensure that you act quickly. It is essential to contact an attorney to preserve and photograph evidence relating to the product itself, to contact witnesses, to test the product, to ensure that you obtain medical attention if necessary, and to secure other evidence surrounding the use of exposure to the product. It is critical to ensure that the product, its components, contents, instructions, warnings, and labels are protected and preserved. An attorney may be able to answer your questions, ensure that you obtain the medical attention you need, hire an investigator, take steps to preserve evidence, contact witnesses, and advise you with regard to the value of your claim.